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June, 2007

Smuttynose Big A IPA has snuck into town -- it'll go much faster this year, from all reports, and it's even better, so get it while it lasts! In other news, Harpoon's 100 BBL Peche is out -- a great beer for grilled foods -- along with a pile of new imports like Grimbergen, Maredsous, James Boag, Toohey's New, Erdinger weizenbiers, and O'Hara's (that's Belgium X 2, Australia X 2, Germany and Ireland) and some new US craft beers like Stone Coast (NOT Stone Brewing of San Diego!). Coming soon are Fuller's ESB and the Ipswich beers, and I'm told that quite a few more new things are in the works as well for later in the summer (thanks to Rich at the Beverage King for the updates). So keep your eyes peeled!


April, 2007

Quick update: one of the great beers of the world, Saison Dupont, has now appeared in Vermont! Even better, it's a steal at $7/bottle (750ml.) at Norwich Wine & Spirits. They also have Rodenbach and Rodenbach Grand Cru at similarly attractive prices. A few McNeill's winter beers are also lurking there, Wassail and Imperial Stout most notably. But the appearance of Saison Dupont is about the happiest beer appearance I can imagine up here. Go and buy it!

Brooklyn Brewery has arrived! Lager is pouring now at the Canoe Club; Lager, Brown Ale, and East India Pale Ale are available at Beverage King. I had a Brown Ale last night for the first time in probably four years ... even through a cold, it was just as tasty as I remember.

Smuttynose Big Beers are out in force -- Really Old Brown Dog, Imperial Stout, and depending on location, S'muttonator and maybe even a few last Wheat Wines are all on shelves now. They are all very, very good.

Harpoon's got their new Brown Ale out, as well as the latest 100 BBL Series, the Refsvindingnes Private Stock, a "Danish Farmhouse Ale." I can't tell you much at all about Danish Farmhouse Ales, but I can tell you that this beer is quite tasty -- very malty yet dry, with gentle hints of clove and fruit esters. Great with probably just about any food you care to throw at it.

April 2007
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